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best mushroom coffee

10 Best Mushroom Coffee Brands of 2023

There are several ways to consume mushrooms, but one of the most popular is with coffee. This is a distinct type of coffee that is occasionally but not always available,, made with dried mushrooms and regular coffee beans. Even though fans say it gives them steady, long-lasting energy, is mushroom coffee healthy? Describe how mushroom coffee tastes. What pH is it at? What about the best coffee to drink with it? For this experiment, we brewed a pot of caffeinated fungus. We used mushroom coffee from many different brands, including Four Sigmatic, Ryze, MUDWTR, Sun Alchemy, La Republica,

Alternative to coffee made from mushrooms

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Here’s the TL;DR on how the best mushroom coffee stacks up:

  1. Four Sigmatic Instant Coffee with Lion’s Mane (Top Pick)
  2. Laird Superfoods Organic Peruvian Mushroom Coffee (Best True Coffee Replacement)
  3. MUD\WTR
  4. La Republica Organic Mushroom Coffee
  5. Sun Alchemy Mushroom Coffee
  6. Clevr Coffee Superlatte
  7. Om Mushroom Coffee Latte Blend
  8. Ryze Mushroom Coffee
  9. Organic Rasa Herbal Coffee Alternative

The Best Mushroom Coffee

Top Pick

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee: Instant Coffee with Lion’s Mane

  • Contains lion’s mane, chaga, and Rhodiola
  • Half the caffeine as a regular cup of coffee
  • Comes with 10 single-serve packets

The Evidence Test Score: HEALTHY


  • Delicious taste
  • Easy to brew
  • A variety of options are available


  • Doesn’t contain as many mushrooms as some

After many rounds of taste testing, we found that Four Sigmatic’s Instant. Mushroom Coffee with Lion’s Mane was the most flavorful and easiest to make among the bunch. It boasts the most true-to-life coffee taste and delivers a pleasant caffeine feeling. The most popular product from Four Sigmatic is this instant mushroom coffee. But you can also get it in a number of different ways and choose. From a range of additional medicinal mushrooms and brewing techniques.

Each packet contains 50 milligrams of caffeine, or about half of what is found in a typical cup of coffee. Given that they all generally drink one to three cups of coffee. Each day, none of the testers saw much of a boost from the mushroom coffee. However, neither extreme tiredness nor the negative effects of caffeine withdrawal occurred. It didn’t make anybody feel particularly calm or anxious; rather, it largely functioned to keep things stable.

Mushroom coffee brands

During a tasting panel, some tasters chose Four Sigmatic’s coffee. As their favorite among the bunch and online reviews supported this opinion. One reviewer said it was far better than whatever that fast Starbucks stuff was. Instead of purchasing it in the hopes of becoming one. You buy a unicorn after a failed attempt because it tastes delicious.

Notably, Four Sigmatic’s whole and ground coffee beans have the Fair Trade mark. Its instant coffee does not, however. If the label has a special meaning for you, it is best to stay away from the quick brew.

In line with California law, Four Sigmatic used to label all of its goods with a Proposition 65 warning. If you eat this product, you might be exposed. Things like lead, which the state of California knows can cause birth defects or damage to the reproductive system. Because of how the brand tests its products, they no longer have to have the Proposition 65 label. This implies that other than to tell folks who stumble across an older box and Google. Why would my mushroom coffee cause birth? It’s no longer something we genuinely want to highlight. Under big, bold letters that scream, “What We Don’t Like About Four Sigmatic Lion’s Mane Coffee.”

Best True Coffee Replacement

Laird Superfoods Organic Peruvian Mushroom Coffee: Medium Roast

  • Contains chaga, lion’s mane, and cordyceps
  • A similar amount of caffeine as a regular cup of coffee
  • Ground coffee mixed with medicinal mushrooms

The Evidence Test Score: UNKNOWN



  • Tastes incredible
  • Feels most like a “real” cup of coffee


  • High caffeine content
  • Unclear ingredient amounts
  • Takes time to brew

Our favorite choice in terms of flavor is this ground mushroom coffee. The option since it tastes precisely like a “regular” cup of coffee. Rich and not very bitter, it is. We used a French press to brew the grounds, although drip coffee makers may also be used. Laird Superfoods says that you should use 1 tablespoon of coffee for every 8 ounces of water, no matter how you make your coffee. The company doesn’t disclose the amount of caffeine in its coffee. But it does state that it also contains organic Peruvian coffee beans as well as chaga, lion’s mane, and cordyceps mushrooms.

We are forced to classify this coffee blend as an unknown. Health score since we are unable to determine how much caffeine or mushrooms it contains. However, we feel that this review makes a good case for it: “I’m quite pleased with how this coffee tastes.” Smooth and easy on the stomach… Although I’m not sure whether the mushrooms have any effect, I suppose they can’t harm.

Is Mushroom Coffee Actually Healthy?

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Is Mushroom Coffee Good For You?

That said, there are a few things that everyone interested in mushroom coffee should take into account. The mushroom coffee company must be open and honest about the substances it uses and how much is in it, just as with other dietary supplements. We can’t be certain of what something does if it claims to include, say, chaga—a fungus with several advantages that we’ll discuss in the next section—or if it doesn’t specify how much chaga is there.

Does Mushroom Coffee Have Caffeine?

Making the move to mushroom coffee won’t always allow you to completely cut off caffeine from your diet. Because virtually all brands also include caffeine (sometimes in amounts that are less than half of what is found in a standard cup), it may not be the best option for those who need to avoid caffeine. Regular coffee drinkers, however, have a great chance to include some of the potential health benefits of mushrooms into their morning brew or to gradually cut down on their caffeine consumption by switching to a lower-caf option.

Despite what many producers promise, we were unable to discover any evidence that it provides a more sustained buzz than a standard cup of coffee. One review mentions a potential antifatigue benefit.

Coffee with mushrooms is not a miraculous potion. But it is a healthy drink that may be good for people who drink it regularly over a long period of time. extra benefit Depending on the brand, it may be pretty good.

What is Mushroom Coffee?

best mushroom coffee

Regularly advertised as a replacement for ordinary coffee and a way to get energy without ingesting as much caffeine as mushroom coffee (or jitters). Additionally, it is marketed as a way to benefit from the purported psychological and physiological benefits of mushrooms.

Every brand of mushroom coffee is prepared differently, but everyone we tasted uses a combination of mushrooms that have a history of being used medicinally and have benefits that are supported by science. These coffees usually include cordyceps, lion’s mane, which may help mend damaged nerves, reishi, which may have anticancer properties, and turkey tail, which contains antioxidants and prebiotics that may be linked to better digestive health (which may improve kidney function).

The bulk of research on therapeutic mushrooms has focused on the fruiting body, which is thought to contain more nutrients than mycelium. But one assessment study discovered

Chinese medicine has always used medicinal mushrooms like

best mushroom coffee
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According to research that employed medicinal mushroom extracts to treat green coffee beans, coffee made from these mushrooms “may be a unique functional coffee.” The research found that the coffee maintained its flavor while providing the benefits of the mushrooms’ immune-boosting properties. Because not all mushroom coffee producers use green coffee beans, the final nutritional profile of the drinks may differ depending on the brand.

There may be some unfavorable side effects from using medicinal mushrooms, including nausea, dry mouth, and headaches. Be cautious to consult your doctor before consuming large quantities of mushrooms. Be cautious not to overdo it if you decide to start ingesting them, particularly if you take medicine. There is no recommended daily limit.

medicinal mushrooms, but the majority of products associated with mushrooms will have suggested serving sizes on their labels, depending on how the mushrooms were processed (ie. extract, powder, or pure mushroom form). Most labels, we’ve seen, suggest consuming no more than 1 gram of pure mushrooms each day. The majority of medicinal mushrooms are non-toxic, however, vomiting may occur if they are consumed quickly in large numbers.

If you’re pregnant, consult your doctor before including mushroom coffee in your diet. Although pregnant women are allowed to consume up to 200 mg of caffeine daily according to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, further study is needed to determine the effects of mushroom coffee.

How We Got Here

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Meet Your Guinea Pig

I’m Jenni Gritters, a journalist who has spent 10 years writing about psychology, health, and science. I’ve written product reviews for websites including Reviewed, Wirecutter, and Slate in addition to the New York Times and the Guardian. When I was a past editor at Wirecutter, I authored and edited articles regarding travel attire, outdoor equipment, and parenting equipment. Even though I often have a negative reaction to caffeine, I drink a cup of coffee every morning.

The authors of Read It Before You Eat It—Taking You From Label to Table, nutritionists Krista Linares, RDN, and Bonnie Taub-Dix, RDN, also discussed the purported nutritional benefits of mushroom coffee in their guide.

Our Testing Process

We read dozens of reviews, perused more than 10 scholarly journals, and investigated any relevant news pertaining to the product category during our ten hours of research. After that, we spoke with Bonnie Taub-Dix, a qualified dietician, about the actual health advantages of drinking mushroom coffee. Following this, we compiled a list of 20 popular mushroom coffees and chose the best prospects to be tested. We prepared and drank coffee for a time after the goods were delivered before conducting a blind taste test for an additional hour.

while two to three cups are consumed by the other test subjects.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we rated the best mushroom coffee, you can view our tasting notes here.

After the tasting test, we looked at the dietary benefits, environmental practices, and potential health hazards of each brand. The author was one of the three adults on our test panel. The author drinks something.

mushroom coffee
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Who Should Buy Mushroom Coffee?

Try mushroom coffee if you’re curious about how medicinal mushrooms can help you, or if you can’t drink coffee with a lot of caffeine. Nevertheless, the cup might not provide the smooth caffeine high that the manufacturer advertises.

While the amount of caffeine in your mug may be less than pure coffee, Taub-Dix cautions that mushroom coffee can still be harmful to your health if you are a youngster, pregnant, or sensitive to caffeine. You must modify the amount of caffeine you consume in accordance with whether it makes you jittery or upset your stomach for some people. Mushroom coffee is not for everyone, just like coffee.

Which Features Matter Most When Buying Mushroom Coffee?

When you’re buying mushroom coffee, you should consider:

  • Caffeine percentage: The majority of the best mushroom coffee brands combine coffee with mushrooms to a 50/50 ratio, however, the amount of caffeine varies between brands. The quantity of caffeine in our best choice, Four Sigmatic, is 50 milligrams (or about half that in a typical cup), while some products, like Sun Alchemy, may have up to 110 mg. Depending on your tastes and needs, you may also pick choices devoid of caffeine.
  • Mushroom combo: To learn more about the advantages, look at the many species of mushrooms. There isn’t much research on some, but turkey tail and cordyceps may improve digestion and intestinal health and offer anti-fatigue properties. Choose your mix in accordance with what you have planned for that day. Pick a brand if you can that says how many of each mushroom you’ll receive in each serving.
  • Brew style: We tested instant coffee for this review. But you can also try French press grounds, traditional coffee maker grounds, and pods.
  • Taste: Some mushroom coffees taste earthy or bitter, while others taste more like traditional coffee. You can often choose between light and dark roasts.
  • Nutritional value: Some research suggests that there are healing properties to mushrooms. Depending on the mushroom type, you may see added nutritional benefits

mushroom coffee reviews

Health notes: Several of the mushroom coffee brands that we looked at here had warnings about potential lead exposure that might cause cancer that complies with Proposition 65. The lead Proposition 65 threshold, however, is quite low; under California law, even modest dangers must be disclosed. The risk of lead exposure is one in 100,000 for the majority of the goods examined in this manual. However, some groups, such as those who are pregnant, should be mindful of these types of dangers when taking mushroom coffee. Given that the aforementioned companies most likely get their mushrooms from areas with potential industrial pollution, lead contamination of the groundwater where the mushrooms are cultivated is a risk.

Other Mushroom Coffee to Consider


  • Contains lion’s mane, chaga, reishi, and cordyceps
  • Much less caffeine than in a regular cup of coffee
  • Comes in a jar with about 30 servings

The Evidence Test Score: HEALTHY


  • Good taste (with added cream and sugar)
  • Low caffeine
  • Easy to make


  • Bitter taste without additions
  • No noted benefits of focus or energy

You have undoubtedly seen advertising for MUDWTR, a coffee alternative made with cacao, lion’s mane, chaga, reishi, and other mushrooms if you spend any time on social media these days (all .56g per serving). We made advantage of the “morning routine beginning kit,” which also includes mushroom coffee, a rechargeable frother, sugar, and plant-based creamer. Along with a potent chai and cinnamon flavor, we also picked up a small amount of chocolate. Without milk and sugar, this mushroom coffee tastes very earthy and is rather harsh. Even fans of black coffee complain that the bitter flavor is too overpowering. But after adding the supplied coconut sugar, we found that we enjoyed the flavor of MUDWTR.

a much more. Still, we preferred the flavor of Four Sigmatic’s choices.

According to the manufacturer, one serving of MUDWTR contains “1/7th” the amount of caffeine found in a typical cup of coffee (1 tablespoon of powder is swirled into 12 ounces of water). (Or around 30 grams in all.) Although we didn’t experience any increased energy or focus, the warm drink makes a good alternative to the conventional cup of coffee in the morning if you’re seeking to prevent jitters.

La Republica Organic Mushroom Coffee

  • Contains chaga, lion’s mane, cordyceps, shiitake, maitake, reishi, and turkey tail
  • Almost as much caffeine as a regular cup of coffee
  • Comes in a jar with about 30 servings

The Evidence Test Score: HEALTHY


  • Higher quantities of mushrooms
  • Caffeine content produces more of a buzz than other brands


  • Watery flavor

The flavor of La Republica’s instant mushroom coffee is somewhat less good than that of our top selection. One taster called it “100% camping coffee” in terms of flavor characteristics. About 30 one-teaspoon portions of the coffee are included in a plastic screw-top container with the coffee, which dissolves in a cup of hot water.

Contrary to La Republica’s It has a watered-down flavor and lacks the pleasant, freshly brewed flavor and the scent of a typical cup of coffee while having a greater caffeine concentration. Despite this, it has enough strength to generate more attention than other brands. We also loved that the company’s goods are Fair Trade-certified.

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