How to extract DMT

how to make dmt

What is DMT?

There is an excellent reason why DMT is referred to as the
“spirit molecule.” One of the most potent psychedelics on the planet. DMT is found naturally in many plant species. It’s possible that the release of nature plays a role in spiritual or out-of-body experiences, even though this is a debatable topic. DMT extraction, and Mimosa hostilis root bark extraction near me DMT recipe

The process is a very quick one, producing a strong psychedelic high whether smoked or administered intravenously. Where to buy LSD

the sensation that lasts for a short while. causes vivid visual and audio hallucinations of extraterrestrial vistas, secret realms, and deity-like entities. It often makes people think deeply, which lets them look back on their past experiences and gain a new perspective on life.

How to extract dmt

DMT could also be used to make the hallucinogenic drink ayahuasca,
which is used in traditional healing ceremonies in South America. This experience lasts for several hours, while taking DMT orally or intravenously only lasts a few minutes, and it often makes people throw up or have diarrhea.

The most popular method is “acid/base extraction,” although it’s rather difficult. We’ve chosen to walk you through the slightly simpler “straight to base” extraction procedure.

DMT recipe

This implies that the DMT molecules will be drawn out of the polar. A non-polar solvent is added to a base solution. This non-polar solvent, which now contains the base solution, separates from it to produce a layer that can be separated from the remaining solution.

The DMT molecules must be removed from the non-polar. The solvent is in the last stage, which can be finished by freezing or evaporation.

how to make dmt

The simplified chemistry of the “Straight to Base” extraction method

Step-by-step DMT extraction

Adapted from Noman’s tek on the DMT-nexus.

Please read the guide thoroughly and make sure you understand the process before attempting it.


DMT-containing plants such as Mimosa hostilis root bark (Can be purchased here.)


Lye (granulated sodium hydroxide)



Personal safety: fume mask, safety goggles, and rubber gloves

Grinder or blender that is capable of crushing ice

Glass mixing jar – with a wide mouth and tight-fitting lid

Collection jars with lids x4 (glass jelly/jam jars will do)

Coffee filters

Rubber spatula





Wear a mask so you don’t breathe in the powder as you cut and mix the plant parts to make them as fine as possible.

Add one tablespoon of lye to the water in the mixing jar slowly and stir until it is all dissolved. Use 50g of lye and 750 ml of water to dissolve 50g of Mimosa hostilis bark. NOTE: Lye should only be handled carefully as it might result in chemical burns. Use vinegar to clean up any spillage. Don safety glasses and gloves.

Put the powdered plant in the jar, screw on the top, give it a good shake, and then let it aside for approximately an hour.

how to make dmt


The mixing jar will need 50 ml of naphtha for every 50 g of Mimosa hostilis bark.

Reattach the lid to your mixing jar and give it a minute or so of gentle mixing, occasionally flipping it upside down. Don’t shake it; doing so will make it difficult to later separate the two layers.

Place the mixing jar on the ground and wait for the two layers to separate.

Repetition of this mild agitation is necessary.

Use your pipette to transfer the top (clear) layer into one of your collecting jars once the layers have separated following your last agitation. Your DMT is in this.

how to make dmt


Your collecting jars of DMT need to have crystallized as a result of the freezer. To extract the DMT, pour the solutions through a coffee filter. Get every last drop of solution out of the collecting jars using your rubber spatula. Lay out your coffee filters with care so they can dry. This DMT powder can be refined further in the optional step below once it has dried and is ready to smoke.

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Fill a little glass jar with your DMT powder.

Put your solvent (heptane or naphtha) in a different glass container. For every gram of DMT powder, you will want around 25ml of solvent.

Both glass containers should be carefully placed in a pan of boiling water to allow their contents to heat up. WARNING: Because your solvent can release dangerous vapors, AVOID using a gas stove or having open flames nearby.

Add a few drops of your heated solvent to the DMT powder using an eyedropper. Once all of the DMT has been dissolved, continue adding solvent while swirling the glass container.

Turn off the heat and leave the water in the pan.

Put the dissolved DMT powder in the glass container, which is now at room temperature, in the refrigerator.

Place the container in the freezer and wait a few hours once it has cooled down.

You may now use a coffee filter to remove the DMT crystal that has been polished. Repeating this procedure will result in even higher purity.


the Short Form

Here is a less complicated process for those of you who don’t like the look of all those stages and just want to get your DMT out of your plant as soon as you can (without bothering about purity or yield):


DMT-containing plants such as Mimosa root bark


Lye (granulated sodium hydroxide)



Personal safety: safety goggles and rubber gloves

Large ceramic mixing bowl (5L)

Potato masher

Large measuring jug (2L)

Large glass baking dish

Polkadot chocolate nyc


Mimosa root bark, 400–500g, should be broken up and added to a mixing basin. Just fill the dish halfway with bark.

Add 200g of lye gradually to 2-3L of water. Use vinegar to clean up any spillage. Don safety glasses and gloves.

Fill the mixing basin with the root bark and your lye solution. Allow an hour.

For 20 to 30 minutes, crush the root bark using a potato masher.

Add 250ml of naptha to the dish, then stir for a further 20 to 30 minutes.

For a few minutes, let the solvent rise to the top of the mixture.

Pour the top, transparent solvent layer into the baking dish made of glass. Avoid

By circulating air from your fan across the baking dish, you can evaporate the solvent.

Your smokeable MT is the leftover powder.

How can I tell whether the DMT I extracted is pure?

When making your own, your only concern should be how well you were able to follow the instructions. Your powder may have extra contaminants if you utilized subpar components or made a mess of the process (for example, by accidentally carrying over part of the base solutions). Smoking can be uncomfortable.

There is a misconception that the color of powder indicates its purity. This is untrue since a variety of factors affect the color of the powder. If your powder is white, it often

Information about safety

Most places have laws against it. I don’t support violating the law or taking it in non-conventional or legal settings. Make sure you learn about the effects and hazards before you decide to use them.

should be respected since it is a potent psychedelic. You should be aware of the best ways to get ready for and recover from a psychedelic experience.

Pay attention to your dose! For the initial time, 15mg of DMT powder should be smoked.

Before beginning to use these extraction tips, be sure you comprehend the procedure. Make sure you are aware of the variations and modify your approach if you are utilizing a-containing plant other than Mimosa hostels. Wear safety glasses and rubber gloves at all times,

how to make dmt
order dmt legally

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